Venous Embolism Risk Increased With Hormonal Contraceptions, Especially with NSAIDs for Pain Relief Interview with:
Amani Meaidi, Postdoc, MD, Ph.D.
Danish Cancer Society
Danish Cancer Society Research Center
Copenhagen What is the background for this study?

Response: Use of birth control formulations containing estrogen (combined hormonal contraception) is an acknowledged risk factor for venous thromboembolism.

NSAID use has also been shown to increase risk of thrombosis

NSAID use is likely to be the most common co-medication to hormonal contraception use – still, no study has looked at the effect of concomitant use of hormonal contraception and NSAID on venous thromboembolic risk.

Thus, we decided to study the thrombosis safety of using hormonal contraception and NSAIDs simultaneously. 

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Study Finds Uncertain Effectiveness of Common Medications for Low Back Pain Relief Interview with:

Dr. Wewege

Dr Michael Wewege, PhD
Research Fellow – Neuroscience Research Australia

Prof. McAuley

Prof James McAuley, PhD
Director – Centre for Pain IMPACT, Neuroscience Research Australia,
Professor – School of Health Sciences,
University of New South Wales
Sydney, Australia What is the background for this study?

Response: We conducted this study because medicines are the most common treatment for adults with acute non-specific low back pain. One of the most important questions is “What is the best medicine to use?” We wanted to compare the medicines with each other because this is the information patients and physicians want to know, but previous research has focused on only comparing medicines to placebo. Physicians are deciding between these medicines based on their clinical expertise; we hoped to support their decision making with a rigorous piece of research.