Newly Studied Pain Pathway May Provide Pain Relief Without Opioid Side Effects Interview with:
Daniel McGehee, PhD
Chair, Committee on Neurobiology
Department of Anesthesia & Critical Care
University of Chicago What is the background for this study?

Response: Chronic pain conditions are major challenges for those suffering with pain and the clinicians who struggle to find effective treatments. Identifying novel strategies for relieving pain will help limit availability of opioid drugs, as they offer alternatives to replace or reduce opioids in the clinic. 

Along with overdose and addiction issues, there are other complications and side effects of opioids, including tolerance, where the pain relieving properties diminish with repeated use, hypersensitivity to pain when patients stop taking the drug, constipation, and other peripheral side effects. 

Pain relief without those side effects would certainly be valuable for individuals struggling to treat painful conditions. 

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