Posture and Pill Shape Affect How Quickly Pain Relief Medications Dissolve and Work Interview with:
Rajat Mittal Ph.D.
Professor of Mechanical Engineering 
Professor of Medicine (Secondary Appt.)
Johns Hopkins University What is the background for this study?
What are the main findings?

Response: I have worked on the biomechanics and fluid dynamics associated with many different organ systems in the past including the cardiovascular system, the larynx and cerebral hemodynamics, and there is very extensive research being done on these organ systems by research groups all over the world. However, as I was looking to initiate research in some new directions, the implications of stomach biomechanics on important conditions such as diabetes, obesity, gastroparesis, malnutrition and GI infections etc. became apparent to me.

Furthermore, it was clear that bioengineering research in this arena lags other more established areas such as cardiovascular flows by at least 25 years and there seemed to be great opportunity to do impactful work. We focused on drug dissolution for our first project because it offered  “low-hanging fruit” in terms of new and impactful insights.

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