Study Finds Tumeric Had Moderate Pain Relief Effect on Knee Osteoarthritis What should readers take away from your report?

Response: We were able to demonstrate a moderate effect of an extract of Turmeric for the symptomatic management of knee osteoarthritis without any evidence of an increase in adverse events compared to placebo.

The treatment even reduced the consumption of concomitant pain medications. Curcumin can be considered as a concomitant pain medication for the symptomatic management of OA. However, the current evidence is from a short-term trial and needs to confirm in a larger long-term follow-up study.

Curcumin-Tumerin What recommendations do you have for future research as a result of this work?

Response: There is no long-term studies that explored the efficacy and safety of turmeric extracts for the treatment of osteoarthritis. The max duration of the existing studies is only up to 16 weeks. We are aiming to conduct a larger multicenter clinical trial with longer duration of follow-up to demonstrate the potential of Curcuma longa extract as a disease-modifying treatment for knee OA. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Response: I want to thank my PhD student, Zhiqiang Wang and clinical trial coordinators, Kathy and Gudrun. I would like to thank the funding support from the University of Tasmania and Natural Remedies Ltd, who did not play any role in the design, conduct or publication of the study.


Effectiveness of Curcuma longa Extract for the Treatment of Symptoms and Effusion–Synovitis of Knee Osteoarthritis
Zhiqiang Wang, Graeme Jones, Tania Winzenberg, Guoqi Cai, Laura L. Laslett, Dawn Aitken, Ingrid Hopper, Ambrish Singh, Robert Jones, Jurgen Fripp, Changhai Ding, and Benny AntonyAnnals of Internal Medicine 0 0:0

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