iovera° Cryoneurolysis Treatment is Drug-Free Option for Knee Pain  What types of procedures are suitable for this technique? How is it utilized?

Response: The iovera° treatment has been performed prior to knee surgery to assist in prehabilitation (preparation for surgery) exercises, as well as closer to the time of surgery to help reduce pain during surgery and pain in the critical weeks following surgery. It is also used to alleviate chronic knee pain due to osteoarthritis (OA). The effect is immediate, helping patients to manage their pain throughout their OA experience.

When used for chronic knee pain, iovera° decreased knee pain for up to 90 days after treatment. Patients treated with iovera° experienced less stiffness for 30 days after treatment and had improved physical function in the knee for 90 days. When used for acute, postsurgical pain, iovera° helped patients to be discharged quicker, within 2 days of surgery. Patients treated with iovera° also experienced less pain two weeks after surgery. What should readers take away from your report?

Response: Readers should take away that iovera° is a drug-free, non-systemic, immediate and long-lasting option to help with pain management in patients that have chronic knee pain from OA or patients that undergo knee replacement surgery to help with their recovery. Both uses of this treatment target nerves around the knee that cause pain and can immediately reduce pain for up to 90 days by using a cold therapy technique. iovera° is the only surgical, medication-free option available to provide relief of chronic OA knee pain. Is there anything else you would like to add? Any disclosures?

Response: The iovera° treatment does not include injection of any substance, opioid, or any other drug. Patients who received the iovera° treatment requested 45% fewer opioid prescriptions at 12 weeks after knee replacement surgery.

Disclosure: Dr. Dasa reports being a paid consultant for Bioventus, Cymedica and Pacira Biosciences; a paid presenter or speaker for Bioventus and Pacira Bioscience.

Citation: Abstract presented at OrthoPaedic Summit 2022 Evolving Techniques
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